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Timeline for building a fiber network

Though we are moving as fast as we can to plan, fund, design, and build a new fiber internet system in the region, we have to be honest about how long infrastructure projects like this can take. We can’t promise a set timeline at the moment; however, we can say that we’ll first prioritize the areas with the worst existing internet (e.g., areas without existing cable or fiber internet), and that we hope to hook up our first customers in the spring and summer of 2022. Though this may feel like a long time for many people who have gone without fast internet for so long, we are happy to be on a path towards finally solving this problem in our region.

Protecting your data is important to us

Individual personal information shall not be sold, given, or in any fashion conveyed to third persons for any commercial purpose whatsoever without the written, express consent of the customer, except to the extent that such disclosures may be required by law. From time to time OCCUD may employ consultants, internet service providers or other partners who may need (in the course of performing their duties for OCCUD) to review individual-specific data. OCCUD will take reasonable steps to ensure that all such partners maintain the confidentiality of such data. OCCUD may generate or extract anonymized and aggregated data out of databases containing your individual personal information and it may make use of any such anonymized and aggregated data for uses consistent with the purposes of this website.

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