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The Otter Creek Communications Union District (OCCUD) is a municipal entity that serves towns in the Rutland region of Vermont. OCCUD is currently collecting the contact information of residents who are interested in receiving high-speed, fiber internet as soon as it gets built by their house or business, and also helping residents get connected to the internet today by providing resources and assistance.

We’re looking to better understand who is interested in receiving high-speed, fiber internet as soon as it’s available in the Rutland region. This information will help us save time and money as we build out a local fiber network since we’ll be able to install the fiber cable right to your house or business as we pass by (rather than sending out another crew later). It will also help bring fiber to your area faster!

Think you might move soon or change your mind later? That’s okay. We’ll check back in when we’re about to build to make sure you still want the service. Either way, it helps us plan where to build, and it also shows potential financial partners that there is real demand for fiber in the area. So if you think you may want fiber internet, please fill out our survey and tell your friends and neighbors to do the same!

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Do you want to know the speed of your current internet?  Take our speed test and compare your results to other types of internet connections.

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Looking for some WiFi? No problem! There are a number of free, public WiFi hotspots around the Rutland region, indicated with blue dots on the below map.

Click on the links below to find information about free, public WiFi hotspots in towns in Rutland county.

  • Benson
    Benson 2760 Stage Rd
    Benson Public Library 2724 Stage Rd
    Benson Village School 32 School Street
  • Brandon
    Brandon town office 49 Center St
    Brandon Free Public 33 Park St
    Brandon Town Hall 1 Conant Sq
    Neshobe School 17 Neshobe Circle
    Otter Valley UHS #8 2997 Franklin Street
    Sudbury Country School 31 Schoolhouse Road
  • Castleton
    Castleton Village Store 583 Main St
    Birdseye Diner 590 Main St
    Castelton Library 638 Main St
    Castleton 263 Vt Route 30 N
    Castleton Elementary School 263 Elm School Road
    Castleton University 233 South St
    Castleton Village School 47 Mechanic St
  • Chittenden
    Wooden Barrel Country Store 231 Chittenden Rd
    Barstow Memorial School 223 Chittenden Road
    Chittenden 260 Chittenden Rd
    Chittenden Public 223 Chittenden Rd
  • Clarendon
    Bailey Memorial 111 Moulton Ave
    Clarendon 279 Middle Rd
  • Danby
    Currier Memorial US #23 234 North Main St
    Danby 130 Brook Rd
    S.L. Griffith Memorial Library 74 S Main St
  • Fair Haven
    22 – Fair Haven Travel Center 699 Vt Route 22a N
    Fair Haven 3 N Park Pl
    Fair Haven Free 109 Main St
    Fair Haven Grade School 103 N. Main Street
    Fair Haven UHS #16 33 Mechanic Street Extension
    Fair Haven Welcome Center 1356 Prospect St
    Village Green 89 Main St
    Village Green 51 Main St
  • Goshen
    Goshen 50 Carlisle Hill Rd
  • Hubbardton
    Birdseye Diner 590 Main St
    Hubbardton 1831 Monument Hill Rd
  • Ira
    Ira 53 West Rd
  • Killington
    Killington Visitors Center 2319 Us Route 4
    Killington 2706 River Rd
    Killington Elementary School 686 School House Road
    Sherburne Memorial 2998 River Rd
  • Mendon
    Mendon Town WiFi 2282 Us Route 4
    Public Hotspot 5900 Us Route 4
    Public Hotspot 61 Valley Vw
  • Middletown Springs
    Middletown Springs Elem School 15 School House Road
    Grants General Store 8 East St
    Middletown Springs Connection 10 Park Ave
    Middletown Springs Public 39 West St
  • Mount Holly
    Mount Holly Library 26 Maple Hill Rd
    Mount Holly 50 School St
    Mt Holly School 150 School Street
  • Mount Tabor
    Mount Tabor 522 Brooklyn Rd
  • Orwell
    Orwell Free Library 473 Main St
    Orwell 436 Main St
    Orwell Village School 494 Main Street
  • Pawlet
    Pawlet 122 School St
    Pawlet Public Library 141 School St
  • Pittsford
    Keith’s Country Store Inc 4085 Us Route 7
    Lothrop School 3447 Us Route 7
    Maclure 840 Arch St
    Pittsford 426 Plains Rd
    Pittsford Village Farm/Kamuda’s Country Market 42 Elm St
    Public Hotspot 93 Davidson Dr
  • Poultney
    Poultney Town Office 9 Main St
    East Poultney General Store 11 On The Green
    Poultney Elementary School 96 School Circle
    Poultney High School 154 East Main Street
    Poultney Public 205 Main St
    Poultney Village Office 98 Depot St
    Town of Poultney Young at Heart Senior Center 206 Furnace St
  • Proctor
    Proctor 45 Main St
    Proctor Elementary School 14 School Street
    Proctor Free 4 Main St
    Proctor Jr/Sr High School 4 Park Street
  • Rutland
    Northeast Primary School 117 Temple Street
    Northwest Primary School 80 Pierpoint Avenue
    Rutland High School 22 Stratton Road
    Rutland Intermediate School 63-65 Library Avenue
    Rutland Middle School 63-65 Library Ave
  • Rutland City
    Hickory St 15 Juneberry Ln
    Rutland City 1 Strongs Ave
    Rutland Free 10 Court St
    Public Hotspot 1 Scale Ave
    Public Hotspot 92 State St
    Public Hotspot 88 Merchants Row
    Public Hotspot 56 Howe St
    Public Hotspot 271 N Main St
  • Rutland Town
    Rutland Town 181 Business Route 4
    Rutland Town Elem School 1612 Post Road
    Woodstock Ave – Rutland Housing Authority 101 Us Route 4 E
    Public Hotspot 124 State Pl
    Public Hotspot 125 State Pl
  • Shrewsbury
    Shrewsbury 9823 Cold River Rd
    Shrewsbury 98 Town Hill Rd
  • Sudbury
    Sudbury 43 Huff Pond Rd
    Sudbury Country School 31 Schoolhouse Rd
  • Tinmouth
    Tinmouth 9 Mountain View Rd
    Tinmouth Elementary School 573 Route 140
  • Wallingford
    Gilbert Hart 14 S Main St
    Wallingford 75 School St
    Wallingford Village School 126 School Street
  • Wells
    Wells 1064 Vt Route 30
    Wells Village 37 E Wells Rd
    Wells Village School 135 Vt Rte 140
  • West Haven
    West Haven 2919 Main Rd
  • West Rutland
    West Ruland Wi-Fi Zone – Mary’s Cafe 458 Main St
    West Rutland Town Hall 35 Marble St
    West Rutland Public 595 Main St
    West Rutland School 713 Main Street

Don’t see your town? Need to access the internet somewhere else? There are even more free, public WiFi hotspots across Vermont. Check out our statewide map to locate a hotspot outside of the towns listed above.

See all Vermont hotspots

We’ve compiled a number of resources to help residents find internet service providers, access internet subsidies for low-income subscribers, manage the impact of the COVID-19 crisis, learn how to use the internet and stay safe while using the internet.

Learn more

We’ve also collected information on the availability of cell service around Vermont, including a map with the download speed by provider. Additionally, we’ve mapped many of the current cable and fiber internet lines across Vermont, so you can see which provider has a line already installed near your home or business.

Access the maps

Coming together to help our neighbors is essential for our community’s well being during the pandemic, but it can be tough to do with social distancing. OCCUD is a resource for all things related to internet and technology during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, and we’re looking for volunteers to help.

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If you need additional help getting connected to the internet, please contact us.

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The Otter Creek Communications Union District (OCCUD) is focused on bringing high-speed, fiber internet to towns in the Rutland region. OCCUD was formed in July 2020. The Town of Brandon took the first step (as outlined in Vermont State Statute) to form a communications union district, and Goshen joined soon afterwards. OCCUD has 11 member towns as of December 2020, including Benson, Brandon, Castleton, Chittenden, Fair Haven, Goshen, Hubbardton, Pittsford, Sudbury, West Haven and West Rutland, with more likely to be added soon. 

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